When we got into this world, we were an “empty table” (lat. tabula rasa), and the authority around us- our parents, family members, teachers, friends, and other people around us taught us how to speak and behave. They taught us what good girls and boys do, what not, what is pretty, ugly, correct, wrong, what is possible or impossible, and so on.

Learning from others and experiencing life is how we design our belief system and create our way of thinking, our habits, and our behavior.

Since we were an empty table when we got into this world and didn’t choose the environment and circumstances we grew up in, are we created (chose) our belief system, habits, and behavior? Or are we shaped by the environment and circumstances we grow up in – affected by all our past experiences?


Our brains are “plastic.” When we establish a new habit, such as practicing the guitar or learning a language, neurons (nerve cells) create new pathways in the brain. As these neuropathways straighten, we start experiencing we know how to play guitar or speak Spanish.

We also call these neuroplastic pathways programs in the subconscious mind.

Your habits are solid neuropathways (programs) in your subconscious mind that run your life. Rewiring our minds means creating new neuro connections in our brains by reprogramming our minds. And we can only do it by observing and changing our thinking, speaking, reacting, and acting habits.


Most people believe their memories from past experiences are who they are, so they stay stuck in operating by programs they didn’t even choose.


But the beautiful truth is that who we are is much more significant than that.

If you feel some truth about this, you are already taking the first steps to change the programs that don’t serve you and live a more conscious life.


Living a more conscious life means choosing and creating our life in every aspect.

The truth is that you grew up into a person shaped by the environment, circumstances, and experiences from your past, and you are not responsible for what you have become. Still, you can take responsibility for what you are becoming at any moment.

To do that, you need to start changing the programs in your subconscious mind that don’t serve you. You must begin to observe and change how you think, speak, and behave.

Your life situation is the product of your mind- your thoughts, beliefs, and habits. It is a product of your everyday choices. 

Knowing this truth is liberating because it gives us the power to change whatever we want and become whoever we want. 

If you are not observing how you think, feel, react and behave with your conscious mind- you are not creating the life you want to live, but you are living by the programs in your subconscious mind—designed through all your past experiences, and led by other people beliefs.

That means you live mainly in the past, thinking the same thoughts- trapped in the same mental stories, and repeating the same choices that only seem different.

And that also means that you are not choosing your life.

“If you don’t choose your life, then the undertow of human society is choosing for you.”  – from the documentary “The Reality of Truth.” 

This platform and my work are about choosing our lives by following our hearts.