Choose Empowering Thoughts & Self-Love

Choose Empowering Thoughts & Self-Love


The voice in our heads can be our greatest friend or enemy. It’s up to us and what we choose it to be.


At the end of July last year, I wrote a message to myself in my journal:


“Select positive thoughts (store them), throw away negative thoughts. That’s how you increase your faith in yourself and your self-esteem.”


We are becoming our most fabulous friends by thinking empowering thoughts.


And I don’t think about lying to ourselves. I think about loving ourselves. 




We all make mistakes; in my case, that’s a daily thing, which means we all made many of them in the past.


We humans usually try to justify our mistakes and find excuses for them. But that is not an act of self-love. That’s the ego- afraid to admit mistakes.


Self-love looks like this: we make a mistake, acknowledge it, understand why we made it, forgive ourselves, and ensure we learn the lesson if we don’t want to experience the pain of a mistake again. And if our mistake has touched others, we must admit it to them, apologize, and ask for forgiveness.


Even if we don’t get forgiveness and openness from others for our mistakes at that moment, we must remove the situation from our heads through forgiveness. 


Overthinking our mistakes, makes us stay stuck in our past, so we are not allowing ourselves to be and enjoy the present moment- which is the only place where we can experience life and feel fully alive. And it also doesn’t allow us to think empowering thoughts about the future.


Forgiveness means understating that mistakes are a normal part of the human experience. They are here to teach us how to be a better person and help us evolve.


When we don’t allow ourselves to remove thoughts about our mistakes, we keep creating a loop of negative thinking and emotions attached to our negative thoughts. 


So we spend our precious time and life energy on something that does not serve our higher good but keeps us stuck in frustration.


Forgiveness helps us get back to the present moment and help us choose empowering thoughts about ourselves and the future we want to build instead of thinking negatively about ourselves. 


The same applies when we think negatively about our problems in life. 



As long as we think from one negative perspective on some problem, we create a loop of negative thoughts that produce negative emotions, creating more negative thoughts that produce more negative emotions.


Only when we change our perspective and how we see the problem is when the problem no longer has power over us. That’s when we can see the solution because we are brighter without emotions.


So you want to solve your problem cold head- without negative emotions. To do that, you need to change your perspective of how you see the problem, by choosing thoughts that don’t create negative emotions.


Choosing empowering thoughts doesn’t mean running away from our problems. 


It means changing the perspective of how we see problems in our lives by choosing a more empowering perspective. 


That’s why I prefer to use the word “challenge” when speaking about “problems” in my life.


Conclusion: self-love is choosing a positive perspective on our problems by seeing them as challenges and opportunities to grow, and self-love is forgiving ourselves for our mistakes.


Self-love means being your most fabulous friend but not your biggest enemy.  


Choose thoughts that empower you. Choose self-love.


This text is written out of love,