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Your Heart Knows The Way

Your Heart Knows The Way

“You’ll never find peace of mind until you listen to your heart.”– George Michael.

The only way to feel fully alive and genuinely enjoy life is to choose the life we want to live by following our hearts. 

 “If you don’t choose your life, then the undertow of human society is choosing for you.” – from the documentary “The Reality of Truth.” 

Following our heart means listening to our inner voice of intuition and making choices aligned with our heart’s desires. It means not listening to all the loud voices around us but the quiet one that comes from within us.

When we do what we genuinely want and enjoy, we create elevated emotions- we feel love, joy, gratitude, inspiration, excitement, and hope, which positively affect our energy and well-being. 

When we are doing what we think we must but not truly enjoying what we do- we create different destructive emotions of stress, anxiety, frustration, anger, sadness, or depression. And that appears to be a busy, under-pressure, not-so-fulfilling, and stressful life. 

That’s why we need to slow down with our busy day-to-day lives, hear what our hearts are speaking to us, and start changing our life situation by creating the one that aligns with our hearts. 

What does it mean to create a life that aligns with the heart? 

It means we need to constantly and consciously make new choices in the present aligned with the future we want to create. And we can do it only by discovering what we truly want and enjoy. It means constantly asking ourselves how we want to live, what we want to build, and what we need to change.

I believe that I started following my heart when I asked myself for the first time, “What do I not like in my life? What would I want to change? What makes me frustrated, stressed, sad, or even crazy?” And then I started asking myself, “How can I change this?”

But acting upon this last question takes courage. Following our hearts takes a lot of courage. You will have to face the truth and leave behind what is no longer valid, which might be very painful. 

Imagine something you “have” disappear. Imagine your partner leaving you, your pet dying, or someone stealing your car. It would be emotionally painful, right? But yet, it is not that sad when we see it happens to others. And why is that? 

Everything you “have”- everything that is part of your current life situation represents the emotional attachments. You invested your time, energy, and emotions into it, so you are emotionally attached to your partner, family members, friends, pet, projects, job, status, house, car, or even a watch. 

But the price of our new life is letting go of the old that no longer fulfills us. That’s the price we need to pay to build more profound lives for ourselves.

I thought that being honest with myself and changing things I don’t feel aligned with anymore would only improve the degree of my fulfillment, but it changed my life in a way I can not even put into words. 

Not only did I change most of my destructive habits, priorities, and view of the world, but it also brought me a sense of mission and purpose. It opened new dimensions of reality to me, and I started to experience genuine gratitude and the beautiful energy of bliss inside my body.

The heart speaks the language of the soul, and our unique purpose lies deep in our souls.

The moment we start opening our minds and hearts, listening carefully to our feelings, discovering what we are passionate about, and finding a way to give our gifts to others is when we begin to answer the call of the soul.  

That’s the moment “when we put ourselves on kind the track that has been there all the while, waiting for us.”- Joseph Campbell. That’s the moment when we start to follow our bliss.

Following our bliss feels like we have a mission in our hearts. That’s when life began utterly differently, and it can never be the same.

We are not here to fight, suffer, work all day for material things, worry about other people’s thoughts, be afraid of trying new things, and be bondservants of sensory pleasers. 

We are here to enjoy life in all its beauty. Feel the sensory pleasers and enjoy material things, but not be bondservants to them. Feel the love and joy in connecting with others, but do not expect others to make us happy. 

We are also here to share our love – care about ourselves, others, all living beings, and the entire planet because nature gave us that power- to be conscious beings and take care of ourselves and the rest of nature.

And we are here to create from the heart and make our lives masterpieces by doing what we love.

That’s how we discover deep fulfillment, and that is also how we contribute the most to the world.

Now, it’s up to you if you think that being honest with yourself and being courageous to make new choices is worth it. 

Slow down so you can hear your inner voice. 

Take the courage to make sometimes emotionally painful choices, and start changing all you know you need to change.

Stay focused on your Self-Discovery path, and remember that consistency is the key that locks new doors to higher dimensions of life.

Then, it is just a matter of time before you start experiencing the magic: the inner flow, synchronicity, more profound experiences, more creativity, profound joy, more inspiration, lasting-self empowerment, and beautiful energy of bliss. 

Thank you for your time and attention to reading.


This text is written out of love,