This is a story of Brian Young, which I only supported in writing and shared here. It is about suppressed childhood trauma that resurfaced through the Ayahuasca ceremony & healed through forgiveness.

One of  my experience of letting go of attachment, feeling the emotions, accepting what is, and becoming more of myself.


Living a life more true to ourselves requires an understanding of emotional attachments and finding the courage to let go of what doesn’t serve us anymore. This writing is about spiritual understanding that helped me make significant decisions & let go of choices that are not aligned with me anymore.

This writing is for you who think you don’t have any passions, talents, or creativity, I can understand you because I thought that for myself. The truth is we all have them- we just need to discover them. This writing is about my experience of discovering my passions & choosing to follow them.

As I was gaining a deeper understanding of ego and consciously observing it from within I started changing my behavior and actions on the outside. All that resulted in creating & living a more fulfilling, healthier & truer life. This writing can help you gain an understanding of the ego so you can start freeing yourself from the limitations of your past which can lead you to a new life- more aligned with your heart.