This writing is for those who think don’t have any passions, talents, or creativity, I can understand you. I thought that for myself, too. The truth is we all have them- we just need to discover them. This writing is about my experience of discovering my passions & choosing to follow them.

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Living a life more true to ourselves requires an understanding of emotional attachments and finding the courage to let go of what doesn’t serve us anymore. This writing is about spiritual understanding that helped me make significant decisions in creating a life of greater freedom.

This is a story of Brian Young, which I supported in writing and shared here. It is the story of suppressed childhood trauma that resurfaced through the Ayahuasca ceremony & healed through forgiveness.

One of my experiences of letting go of attachment, feeling the emotions, accepting what is,  and becoming more of myself.

Hey! Thank you for being here!

My name is Ivana.

Following my interests in spirituality & writing, I created this blog to share life experiences & spiritual understandings, make some art & expand my life by connecting with others on their paths.